Indianapolis, Indiana


Indianapolis is a city known for fast cars and blockbuster events. Indiana has also gained acclaim for a flourishing culinary and brewing scene, thriving cultural institutions, cool neighborhoods. From Shakespeare to street performances, graffiti to Van Gogh, Indy’s arts scene is flourishing. Catch a show, visit a gallery, or create something yourself. Indy was named the most ‘Underrated Food City in America’ by Condé Nast Traveler.

Indianapolis, Indiana

Events in Indianapolis, Indiana


Indianapolis 500


The races are breathtaking, and the drivers come from every corner of the globe for a chance to put their face on the trophy. At Indy, 33 cars bolt around a 2.5 mile circuit at speeds approaching 230 mph for 500 miles straight. It takes a lot of nerve to compete here and there are some drivers, such as Mike Conway, who refuse to take part. A crash at Indy is almost always big, and if you haven't hit the wall yet, there's a good chance that you will. It is the race that preceded all others and to this day, is the one everyone wants to win.

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